grasping for ghosts

Last July was a time in my life when I woke up early on the weekend, ready to hop out of bed and do chores and accomplish things. Have a clean apartment and be exciting. I had lots of activities and visitors and visits to make. I’m not so interested in that this July. Over… Continue reading grasping for ghosts


so you want to change your life

Be dissatisfied. Be completely unsure why. Try to find ways to be satisfied. Some suggestions: achieve goals, get a new job, fall in love, buy new clothes, travel, go to concerts, drink, eat, decorate your house Continue to be dissatisfied. Start wondering why. Really wonder. Some suggestions: journal, read, trawl social media, sit in an… Continue reading so you want to change your life

the flip side of handing god my problems

Earlier this week, I had conversations with two of my friends about a topic that has been on my mind a lot – obedience. Obedience isn’t a popular concept, especially in our fiercely individualist, independent culture. I am very much a product of that culture. Even a year ago, I would have conflated obedience with oppression… Continue reading the flip side of handing god my problems

catching up on my birthday resolutions

1. Taking better care of my body. Been working out a lot. So, check? Sure. It’s going fine. Training for that half. Going to classes I enjoy all the time. Hey spin, hey barre, hey pilates, hey yoga. Come with me?! Thanks for coming to DC, ClassPass. It has been an awesome way to access… Continue reading catching up on my birthday resolutions