what my spiritual life looks like right now [june 2015]

Back in Lent, I posted about what practices I was taking on for the season and also gave a little update during Holy Week about how they had gone. Some of those I have retained and some of those have fallen away. For instance, my bed is currently not made. But as I am continuing… Continue reading what my spiritual life looks like right now [june 2015]


celebrating a different irish saint

Lent and St. Patrick’s Day are really contradicting each other this year. To be honest, I just want to make some soda bread, have a beer, maybe some Bailey’s, and watch Waking Ned Devine. Fortunately, I can still watch Waking Ned Devine.  See here for the appropriate soundtrack to this post. (Yes, it’s the Waking Ned Devine version… Continue reading celebrating a different irish saint