fit fridays | playlists

I’m spending time this fall recommitting to my favorite healthy living habits. Believe it or not, I originally started this blog to talk about exercise, food, and fitness lifestyle topics. Ergo “cold pressed.” Like the juice… or growing up in the northern Midwest. This fall, I’m working on recommitting to the whole health shebang, so… Continue reading fit fridays | playlists


cutting through the internet clutter

I easily fall into having a diet full of garbage, both my actual diet and my media diet. I recently listened to a book that had some good takeaways, one of which was setting themes for 90 days at a time, like fiscal quarters. I decided in early April that my quarterly theme is “Cut the Clutter.”… Continue reading cutting through the internet clutter

media consumption of march 2015

Here’s a little breakdown of what I’ve been mainlining lately! And so also… all I’ve been talking about lately. In addition to this being my occasional Fives Faves post, my friend Joyce has also launched her “Best Friends Link-Up” today, where she is sharing the links she would usually just send to a friend. Appropriately, I… Continue reading media consumption of march 2015

moving right along: seven good songs

Slamming another post in here to act like I didn’t get all feelingsy in the last one. No religion or current events here, either. Just nonsense and YouTube. Mooooving right along. Here are some good songs. These have nothing to do with each other except for me liking them! High quality blahhging happening right here,… Continue reading moving right along: seven good songs