poetry dose | four

I’ve got two (TWO!) prose poems for you tonight on the topic of time. I’ve been obsessed with Why Time Seems to Fly lately, which is an interactive visualization of how time passes in our lives. It’s strange, unsettling, and uplifting all at once. Now onto the poetry. I read a lot of David Shumate in college. If… Continue reading poetry dose | four


my audio bookshelf [june 2015]

Y’all know I love podcasts. I have close to 40 on rotation right now, and that is after a recent purge… In addition to my stalwarts like Radiolab, PCHH and other NPR offerings, anything/everything Grantland, and some more recent additions like Invisibilia, Fountains of Carrots, and This Inspired Life, here is what has been added to… Continue reading my audio bookshelf [june 2015]

worthwhile clicks vol. 2 [7 quick takes]

Things are real creative around here this week, apparently… (joking). But here are some highly clickable links for your Friday! 1. You might have seen on my Instagram that I was blessed to celebrate the 50th Birthday of L’Arche a few weeks ago! I’m a huge L’Arche fan, and regularly listen to the episode of On… Continue reading worthwhile clicks vol. 2 [7 quick takes]