depressed but not despairing

Going to be straight up honest here today: I’m struggling with clinical depression. Also warning: this is about prayer. If you know me in my off-line life, this probably is no surprise — in the last week I have received a message with a self-care worksheet from my mom, a text from a wonderful friend that she is… Continue reading depressed but not despairing

catching up on my birthday resolutions

1. Taking better care of my body. Been working out a lot. So, check? Sure. It’s going fine. Training for that half. Going to classes I enjoy all the time. Hey spin, hey barre, hey pilates, hey yoga. Come with me?! Thanks for coming to DC, ClassPass. It has been an awesome way to access… Continue reading catching up on my birthday resolutions

thought i already recommended this

Even though I am now vegging out to the Brooklyn 99 premiere on my couch, a couple hours ago, I got to hear Jennifer Fulwiler from Conversion Diary speak about 6 blocks from my house. It was amazing. She is a smart, funny, engaging speaker, and it was great to hear her talk about her recent… Continue reading thought i already recommended this

rage against the airlines

Happy Fourth of July! I have been looking forward to celebrating the weekend with my brother for what seems like ages and was looking forward to his arrival yesterday in the early evening. Fast forward, and he has just departed Cleveland to arrive at 10am today… a city that was not in his travel itinerary.… Continue reading rage against the airlines