fit friday | half the battle

I am not known for my ability to do things like get out of bed, be places early, sleep normal and appropriate hours, function in the morning, function in the evening, think through preparation,¬†prepare for anything, or pack appropriately for occasions of any kind. Suffice to say, exercising in the morning before work is not… Continue reading fit friday | half the battle


fit fridays | playlists

I’m spending time this fall recommitting to my favorite healthy living habits. Believe it or not, I originally started this blog to talk about exercise, food, and fitness lifestyle topics. Ergo “cold pressed.” Like the juice… or growing up in the northern Midwest. This fall, I’m working on recommitting to the whole health shebang, so… Continue reading fit fridays | playlists

November Project + 7 favorite online fitness finds

Last night, I went to a workout hosted by November Project x sweetgreen as part of sweetgreen’s passport program, who also treated me to the super hard 305fitness workout I went to a couple weeks ago. While 305fitness was more “fun,” the classes are $20+, and I just don’t have it in me to cough… Continue reading November Project + 7 favorite online fitness finds