my audio bookshelf [june 2015]

Y’all know I love podcasts. I have close to 40 on rotation right now, and that is after a recent purge… In addition to my stalwarts like Radiolab, PCHH and other NPR offerings, anything/everything Grantland, and some more recent additions like Invisibilia, Fountains of Carrots, and This Inspired Life, here is what has been added to… Continue reading my audio bookshelf [june 2015]

history nerds, put your hands up

I’m feeling veeery bookish these days. Obviously, I am always pretty bookish, but I’ve been trying to cut down on spending (don’t tell my Sephora cart, which is always full of sheet masks) and consequently have been reading more instead of running around with a credit card. That’s not a fair characterization of my habits, but… Continue reading history nerds, put your hands up

thought i already recommended this

Even though I am now vegging out to the Brooklyn 99 premiere on my couch, a couple hours ago, I got to hear Jennifer Fulwiler from Conversion Diary speak about 6 blocks from my house. It was amazing. She is a smart, funny, engaging speaker, and it was great to hear her talk about her recent… Continue reading thought i already recommended this

November Project + 7 favorite online fitness finds

Last night, I went to a workout hosted by November Project x sweetgreen as part of sweetgreen’s passport program, who also treated me to the super hard 305fitness workout I went to a couple weeks ago. While 305fitness was more “fun,” the classes are $20+, and I just don’t have it in me to cough… Continue reading November Project + 7 favorite online fitness finds

moving right along: seven good songs

Slamming another post in here to act like I didn’t get all feelingsy in the last one. No religion or current events here, either. Just nonsense and YouTube. Mooooving right along. Here are some good songs. These have nothing to do with each other except for me liking them! High quality blahhging happening right here,… Continue reading moving right along: seven good songs