lent 2018

Oh! Sup! I’m a teacher now. Here’s what I’m doing for Lent this year! Spend time with Barnett Newman’s Stations of the Cross. Don’t be mean. Especially not flippantly. I love to be flippantly mean! No buying pointless sweets. No candy just to have candy. Wedding cake, a social ice cream, great! But I don’t… Continue reading lent 2018


so you want to change your life

Be dissatisfied. Be completely unsure why. Try to find ways to be satisfied. Some suggestions: achieve goals, get a new job, fall in love, buy new clothes, travel, go to concerts, drink, eat, decorate your house Continue to be dissatisfied. Start wondering why. Really wonder. Some suggestions: journal, read, trawl social media, sit in an… Continue reading so you want to change your life

the flip side of handing god my problems

Earlier this week, I had conversations with two of my friends about a topic that has been on my mind a lot – obedience. Obedience isn’t a popular concept, especially in our fiercely individualist, independent culture. I am very much a product of that culture. Even a year ago, I would have conflated obedience with oppression… Continue reading the flip side of handing god my problems

lent 2015 final push check-in

How is your Lent going? It’s Passiontide (which I only just really learned about by going to a Dominican event with chanting and lots of candles last night), which means we have two weeks to really buckle down and get serious about this Lent thing. It’s so nice we get all these chances, like Laetare Sunday… Continue reading lent 2015 final push check-in

embracing lent in a bleak world

Ugh, guys. Reminded of this right now. Kayla Mueller, Deah Shaddy Barakat, Yusor Mohammed, and Razan Mohammed Abu-Salha were all young, peaceful, engaged, faith-filled people. We need more of those kind of people in the world. It is tragic to lose even one of them, under any circumstances. I want to spend my Lent focusing on… Continue reading embracing lent in a bleak world