my audio bookshelf [june 2015]

Y’all know I love podcasts. I have close to 40 on rotation right now, and that is after a recent purge… In addition to my stalwarts like Radiolab, PCHH and other NPR offerings, anything/everything Grantland, and some more recent additions like Invisibilia, Fountains of Carrots, and This Inspired Life, here is what has been added to… Continue reading my audio bookshelf [june 2015]

2015 reading challenge: the first four books

Previously…  As I previously written, I decided to dig in and participate in the Modern Mrs. Darcy 2015 Reading Challenge this year. I started a bit earlier this spring and am four books deep. A third of the way through seems pretty good for only having a few weeks under my belt! So without further ado… a book… Continue reading 2015 reading challenge: the first four books

read it: station eleven

I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to write a lovely encapsulation of why I enjoyed Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel so much when I read it recently. A transcendent review just wasn’t happening though, so let’s run down the high points of why I loved reading it. I didn’t even read it — devoured or inhaled would… Continue reading read it: station eleven

history nerds, put your hands up

I’m feeling veeery bookish these days. Obviously, I am always pretty bookish, but I’ve been trying to cut down on spending (don’t tell my Sephora cart, which is always full of sheet masks) and consequently have been reading more instead of running around with a credit card. That’s not a fair characterization of my habits, but… Continue reading history nerds, put your hands up

cutting through the internet clutter

I easily fall into having a diet full of garbage, both my actual diet and my media diet. I recently listened to a book that had some good takeaways, one of which was setting themes for 90 days at a time, like fiscal quarters. I decided in early April that my quarterly theme is “Cut the Clutter.”… Continue reading cutting through the internet clutter

2015 reading challenge: the book list

Over the last couple years, I’ve enjoyed reading Modern Mrs. Darcy, a super-accessible books blog. I appreciate that she comes at books from the perspective of an enthusiastic reader, rather than the world of academia or criticism. I enjoy academics and critics a lot, but I also just like to read. When she announced her 2015… Continue reading 2015 reading challenge: the book list

media consumption of march 2015

Here’s a little breakdown of what I’ve been mainlining lately! And so also… all I’ve been talking about lately. In addition to this being my occasional Fives Faves post, my friend Joyce has also launched her “Best Friends Link-Up” today, where she is sharing the links she would usually just send to a friend. Appropriately, I… Continue reading media consumption of march 2015