while you wait for the return of “serial”

No secret to youse guys that I was deeply into Serial season one, and I am very much looking forward to the recently announced seasons next fall and spring. I am also really into true crime, generally, and have gone down many an internet rabbit hole. (Websleuths. It’s a crazy place.) Here are five places to get your… Continue reading while you wait for the return of “serial”

my audio bookshelf [june 2015]

Y’all know I love podcasts. I have close to 40 on rotation right now, and that is after a recent purge… In addition to my stalwarts like Radiolab, PCHH and other NPR offerings, anything/everything Grantland, and some more recent additions like Invisibilia, Fountains of Carrots, and This Inspired Life, here is what has been added to… Continue reading my audio bookshelf [june 2015]

2015 reading challenge: the first four books

Previously…  As I previously written, I decided to dig in and participate in the Modern Mrs. Darcy 2015 Reading Challenge this year. I started a bit earlier this spring and am four books deep. A third of the way through seems pretty good for only having a few weeks under my belt! So without further ado… a book… Continue reading 2015 reading challenge: the first four books

read it: station eleven

I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to write a lovely encapsulation of why I enjoyed Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel so much when I read it recently. A transcendent review just wasn’t happening though, so let’s run down the high points of why I loved reading it. I didn’t even read it — devoured or inhaled would… Continue reading read it: station eleven