oh, hello there!

I’ve been neglecting this space because, well, grad school. But a few updates! One, I posted about the Blessed is She Liturgical Planner a while ago, and it sold out VERY shortly thereafter. But there is now one that begins in January. Check it out, I love mine and rely on it daily. If you’re… Continue reading oh, hello there!


depressed but not despairing

Going to be straight up honest here today: I’m struggling with clinical depression. Also warning: this is about prayer. If you know me in my off-line life, this probably is no surprise — in the last week I have received a message with a self-care worksheet from my mom, a text from a wonderful friend that she is… Continue reading depressed but not despairing

who wore it best: brigid hogan or alexander hamilton

I’m a humble person, but I am also a lot like Alexander Hamilton — a brilliant writer, magnetic, powerful and ambitious, etc etc etc. Also, we are basically twins. So let’s play a game and guess if the following physical descriptions are of me or A.Ham. I know, this is tricky! Guess in the comments!!!! [His/her… Continue reading who wore it best: brigid hogan or alexander hamilton