to read in 2016

As everyone with an internet connection knows, we are getting slammed with snow here in DC this weekend. Some people’s parents might have been worried about their electricity going out or running out of groceries, but my dad’s only question was, “Do you have enough books to read?” Don’t worry, Dad. My weekend will mostly… Continue reading to read in 2016


depressed but not despairing

Going to be straight up honest here today: I’m struggling with clinical depression. Also warning: this is about prayer. If you know me in my off-line life, this probably is no surprise — in the last week I have received a message with a self-care worksheet from my mom, a text from a wonderful friend that she is… Continue reading depressed but not despairing

who wore it best: brigid hogan or alexander hamilton

I’m a humble person, but I am also a lot like Alexander Hamilton — a brilliant writer, magnetic, powerful and ambitious, etc etc etc. Also, we are basically twins. So let’s play a game and guess if the following physical descriptions are of me or A.Ham. I know, this is tricky! Guess in the comments!!!! [His/her… Continue reading who wore it best: brigid hogan or alexander hamilton