lent 2018

Oh! Sup!

I’m a teacher now.

Here’s what I’m doing for Lent this year!


  1. Spend time with Barnett Newman’s Stations of the Cross.
  2. Don’t be mean. Especially not flippantly. I love to be flippantly mean!
  3. No buying pointless sweets. No candy just to have candy. Wedding cake, a social ice cream, great! But I don’t get to just buy dessert at the grocery store because I feel like having it.
  4. Per John Henry Cardinal Newman:
    1. Pray the Angelus daily.
    2. Morning Prayer audio in the car or from the Little Office daily.
    3. Go to bed before 11p on school nights.

This feels extremely challenging but also simple. We’ll see how it goes.


I also wrote over at Blessed Is She today.


One thought on “lent 2018

  1. Brigid, I didn’t see this Cold Press until today 2/24. I had to go to another site to read about the Newman Stations of the Cross because I don’t subscribe to the Post. Very interesting: what made him think he were painting stations when he did the first 2, then the second two, and so on? How are you doing on the getting to bed before 11 on school nights? Your Fan, Sarah Johnson

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