skin routine for changing seasons

Last year, I shared my winter and summer skin routines, and a lot of those habits have stuck. But as I continue to get nerdier and more obsessed with keeping my skin healthy, I’ve adopted a few new habits as well.

Currently in my medicine cabinet:


So what does my routine look like morning and night?


I received the Clarisonic Mia2 for Christmas this year. I got my first ever facial over Thanksgiving, and the aesthetician used a Clarisonic and recommended it to me to help with congestion issues with my skin stemming from the city pollution/sweat/oil situation I’m dealing with all the time. Because I have super super sensitive baby skin, I usually use the Luxe Cashmere brush. About once I week, I use the sensitive brush that came with my Clarisonic, but even that can be a little tough on my skin.

My bathroom is full of random cleansers – samples, drug store, Glossier Milky Jelly, etc etc – that I use with my Clarisonic as the Skincare Spirit moves me. (Using the links to Glossier in this post will get you 20% off your purchase!)

After cleansing with the Clarisonic, I use the Soothing Facial Spray as my toner/prep before moisturizing. I’ve previously mentioned my commitment to Neutrogena Hydro Boost, but I have shifted slightly to use the version with SPF. Because I’m pale. I also use a Hydro Boost eye gel, which is fabulous.

If I’m wearing make-up that day, I go deep into my Glossier. I use the Priming Moisturizer, Skin Tint in Light, Stretch Concealer (also in Light), and Boy Brow in Brown. If I could recommend one product, the Stretch Concealer is truly awesome. It feels invisible all day, stays put, and blends easily. I’ve never really been a concealer user, but I love it.

Ever since Glossier released their natural, easy-to-use, and modern make-up line, I’ve been wearing a nice, light made-up face most days, which is a big change for me. I used to rarely wear any make-up on a day-to-day basis, but it’s nice to have a simple make-up routine to help me look more alive and pulled together at work on normal days. I use the Balm Dot Com and Generation G in Jam on my lips — sheer but deep color similar to Clinique Black Honey, another favorite.

In addition to my Glossier base, I also wear a touch of bronzer, Benetint, mascara, and Clinique Chubby Stick in Ample Amber.

And then I go to work.


My evening skin care is a lower key because I’m tired.

I use an oil cleanser first — Clinique Take The Day Off cleansing oil most of the time but sometimes Neutrogena Ultra Light Oil Cleanser, which is actually a bit heavier than the Clinique formula.

I follow the cleansing with Clinique Take The Day Off eye make-up remover. I oil cleanse first to help loosen some of the mascara first, and then slide the rest of it off with the make-up remover.

Witch hazel is my standard evening toner. Cheap and basic and effective. Then I slap on a healthy layer of Neutrogena Naturals Multi-Vitamin Cream. Then off to bed.

On really tired days, micellar water and witch hazel do the trick.

If I’m breaking out, I have a random assortment of sample-size treatments to grab. Not a loyalist to any of them.

If I’m bored and have some time on my hands, I will use one of the Glossier masks (Mega Greens or Moisturizing Moon) or a sheet mask ordered from a weird Korean online store.

The main thing I have found with my skincare experiments over the last year doesn’t have to do with specific products or routines, but rather that I just need to make sure I am being gentle with my skin and making sure I cleanse thoroughly. Ultimately, that’s what really counts.

My face at the end of workday, no touch ups except a bit of Generation G and balm — and NO filter:


Okay, so I have crazy eyes, but my skin is doing so well with the change of seasons, which is new and different, so I’m not mad. Also #earbudselfie as usual.


3 thoughts on “skin routine for changing seasons

    1. Thanks for the sweet compliment! When I feel good about my skin, it really helps my general confidence, even when I don’t have make up on or the best night’s sleep.

  1. So thorough! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been focusing on my skin care a lot more recently and I agree, it definitely makes other aspects of the beauty routine (or bare face) go much better.

    check my blog out at if you’d like!

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