I keep meaning to write a comprehensive preview of my plans for Lent 2016, like I did last year. Instead I keep… not doing that. I might pull that together before Ash Wednesday, but I might also not.

But this year, Elise and I did record an episode of Caritas ALL about Lent. You can take a listen here or on iTunes or Stitcher and hear about my plans to simplify my life this season. I am going to slooooow down, eliminate some decision fatigue, and cut myself some slack while prayer, fasting, and almsgiving take center stage.

One of the big things both Elise and I are doing is to give up shopping for “wants.” I’m really looking forward to putting more of my budget to almsgiving this Lent, and this sacrifice will go a long way toward making that a reality.


We would love to hear your plans! Comment here or visit us on Facebook and Twitter — we are planning to share using #caritaslent as we journey through this season of penance together.

(Enjoy the lovely graphic from Elise. Y’all know I did not design that myself.)


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