the other side of 25

I turned 26 yesterday.

My parents came into town to celebrate with me over the long weekend — a roadtrip to Charlottesville and Monticello, some delicious meals, a delicious dessert or two, Mass, and just time spent together. They also gave me a beautiful blue topaz necklace to go with the blue topaz earrings that gave me last year. I wear the earrings basically daily, so the necklace will probably be making many appearances in my daily life as well.

Also celebrating with us was a baby from a King Cake that travels around with my dad occasionally. It was jealous of our after-dinner birthday treat from Ted’s Bulletin and got in on some of the action, as well.


My body decided to welcome me to this next quarter of my life with a back pain flare up. I had been saying earlier to my parents that I have been really lucky the last few months with avoiding pain flare ups. I had felt stiff a week ago and went to the chiropractor to avoid one. And then last night at dinner, I just knew one was coming. Advil, stretching, water, a good night’s sleep… and it arrived anyway. So I’m babying myself tonight. Hot bath, a little special skin care, just making myself as comfortable as possible. That does include foam rolling. I’ll be fine in a day or so (always am) but for now I am being a huge wuss.

I do feel like this squirrel we saw outside the National Gallery this morning:


If you would like to celebrate my birthday with me as I pathetically throw myself back into a hot bath, I have two things I would love for you to do:

  1. donate to the Jesuit Refugee Service, Catholic Relief Services, Caritas International, or another charity serving displaced populations and migrants.
  2. if you’re a Caritas podcast listener – unrelated to Caritas International and far less important – leave a rating or review on iTunes.
  3. or both.

I celebrated the wonderful gift of my extreme comfort in this life and how lucky I am by donating to JRS. I hope you will consider it, too.


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