fit fridays | playlists

I’m spending time this fall recommitting to my favorite healthy living habits. Believe it or not, I originally started this blog to talk about exercise, food, and fitness lifestyle topics. Ergo “cold pressed.” Like the juice… or growing up in the northern Midwest. This fall, I’m working on recommitting to the whole health shebang, so on Friday’s I’ll be sharing what powered me through the week. Favorite healthy spots in DC, recipes, new tools or workouts, you know the drill.

Today, I want to start off with the single most important part of me accomplishing any kind of exercise: the music. This assortment of playlists is cued up in my Spotify for you — seven options based on your personal preference… or my personal preferences. None are too long so go ahead and mix & match.

1 Upbeat Run

2 Lowkey Run

3 Ambient Beat Flow

4 Chilled Stretch

5 Dance Floor

6 American Summer

7 Wind Down

Linking up over with 7QT today!

3 thoughts on “fit fridays | playlists

  1. This is fantastic! I tried making similar lists awhile ago, only to discover that most of my music doesn’t lend itself to exercise (kinda like the rest of me, ahem). Never seen your blog before, but I’m glad to find it. And to find some new music suggestions 🙂

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