a better morning

This is not “5 Morning Habits of the Richest, Happiest, Best, Fittest, Longest Living People Ever.” Just absolutely not that. This is more “5 Things I Sometimes Do That Makes My Morning Slightly Better.”

  1. Put your phone somewhere that isn’t your bed. (But set your alarm as late as possible.)
  2. Eat something delicious for breakfast (cake and yogurt is my personal fave). Forget calories. Eat something that makes you want to be alive.
  3. Drink as much coffee as possible. It helps to make it at home because it makes you feel accomplished.
  4. Don’t take a vitamin on an empty stomach. You KNOW that will ruin your day.
  5. Listen to something that will make you happy. It might be NPR. It might be NWA. I don’t know your life. Just set the tone with something that perks your brain up.

cake for breakfast


2 thoughts on “a better morning

  1. YESSS to the phone thing…that has helped me make sure I don’t wander onto Instagram before praying 😉 Cake AND yogurt?! Sounds dee-lic!! 🙂

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