hello, friends

Many new visitors popped over here this week.

So, welcome!

It’s been a bit quiet around these parts for the last week — I’m happily ensconced at my parents’ lake house, where the Internet was spotty over the weekend and I lacked a laptop charger for days.

And the view has been a bit distracting, too. (No filter.)

lake lucerne

I’ve been plowing through books ranging from lovely to heartwrenching to “oh my gosh, I forgot that I’ve already read this” (including PersuasionA Constellation of Vital Phenomena, Open to the Holy Spirit, Death Comes to Pemberley… more on all of that later), paddleboarding, waterskiing, running, and eating. Mostly eating.

But while I’ve been enjoying all of that, it’s been a pretty big week on the internet for me:

My first devotional was shared on Blessed is She this week — such a treat to be part of that community as we celebrate its first birthday.

My friend Elise and I have launched a podcast! Our first episode went up on Monday, and I’m working on editing our second one now. Caritas is an ongoing conversation about and for real Catholic women living spiritual lives in the secular world. (Holla, Henri Nouwen.) Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and all over the web.

All that to say, I’m so happy you’re here! Whether you are a new reader or a long time — hello, hello!!

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