favorites for summer skin

Back in the winter, I talked about my favorites for winter skin. I’ve had some semblance of a routine chugging along, but nothing great. My skin was driving me crazy with the heat, so I basically stopped wearing make-up for a stretch. Theeeen I caved and ordered the Glossier Summer Edition Phase 1 Set.

Loving it. Then on Wednesday night after work, I thought I still looked pretty awesome, so I took a bunch of selfies. Please note: I still have not ordered new glasses. These are my old/current ones.

Here are two:

so posed
so posed
so confused
so confused

What got me to the point of feeling good enough to take a clutch of selfies with my usual chin zit hanging around? Leeet me tell you.


morning routine

Here is my current routine broken down:

1. Wash face. If I’m in the shower, I rotate between Biore Charcoal Pore Minimizer (still have giant ones on my nose so grain of salt here) and Aveeno Positively Radiant Brightening Cleanser. Read: an exfoliating cleanser and a gentler cleanser that I bought at CVS. At my sink, I have an Avalon Organics face wash. I bought it on sale at the grocery store. It smells crazy, so I probably won’t buy it again.

2. After I run around my apartment for a little bit getting ready, I spray on Glossier Soothing Face Mist. Because I like specifics, here is how I do it: hold the bottle away from my face, spray once centered on the top of my face, once centered on the bottom, once from the right to my cheek, once from the left to my cheek. I flinch every time. It’s like the blast of air in my eye at the eye doctor.

3. Then I do something else until the spray dries a little (examples: put in my contacts, fuss with my hair for 12 seconds, brush my teeth, fan my face with my hands, stare at my clothes). I then spread on the Glossier Priming Moisturizer. I love this stuff. It makes my skin feel and look so much more even and supple. Love.

4. I follow it up with Perfecting Skin Tint. It goes on extremely sheer and just even things out a bit.

[ON A FANCY DAY, I put on a little more make-up:

4a. A few drops of Benetint in their classic rose for each cheek, haphazardly swiped on and blended in. This was introduced to me by my very dear friend Maureen Liddy when we were in middle school. It was the fanciest make up either of us had ever had. We used a careful three dots for each cheek because it was basically liquid gold. I’m no longer that precise.

4b. Some Almay Smart Shade Bronzer. This is fine for a little casual bronzer when I don’t want to break out my Bare Minerals stuff. It was on sale at CVS.

4c. Curl my eyelashes — this was a recent rediscovery for me after years of not doing it. It’s so worth it! I have dark, long eyelashes which is great, but they are stick straight. The curling helps a lot with adding some every day level of drama.

4d. Apply mascara. I like this Full ‘N Soft because it looks very natural. I have a sample of Lancome Hypnose for when I actually want to look like I have make up on.]

5. Then I finish off with the coconut Balm Dot Com. I use a little bit on my cheekbones and eyelid for some shine and do a bit of lazy brow grooming with whatever I have left on my fingers.

I could have applied all of this five times in the time it took me to type it out. We are talking fast, dirty, and low maintenance here.

idealist night routine

Night is a crap shoot. A lot of the time I just use a Burt’s Bees or Neutrogena make up remover/cleaning wipe and pass out.

SOMETIMES, I wash my face with actual water and cleanser. See above for links.

If I do that, I will use toner — my witch hazel ran out and I have a little bit of my Aesop toner left, so I’m not sure what toner I am going to go for when that’s gone.

I’ve been dedicated to the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel for a while now, and I’ve now added the eye gel to the mix. So moisturizing but so light and refreshing.

I’ve been taking a breather from my sheet mask devotion, and Glosser Mega Greens Galaxy Pack is filling that void. I really like this one, too! Nourishing, clarifying, calming.

I’m super sold on Glossier and hyaluronic acid (the secret sauce of Hydro Boost). Even being a sweaty beast in the super humid weather hasn’t had my skin breaking out like crazy, and I’m so glad I have found something easy that also makes me feel good this year.

BUT THE QUESTION REMAINS… What toners do you guys like? Is this something I should splurge on? Or is it back to witch hazel for me?

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