worthwhile clicks vol. 3

The theme of this edition of Worthwhile Clicks is… hard reads. Again. Sorry.

These are all excellent, challenging pieces.


1. Srebrenica Revisited. “A soldier bound Mr. Avdic’s wrists and ordered him to take off his shoes and shirt. He had no shoes, so he took off his socks instead.”

2. ‘He’s Jesus Christ.’ “The chief explained that Jesus healed the sick, made the blind see, and helped the lame walk — and that is what Dr. Tom does every day.”

3. The Five Hostages. “Diane came and hugged me and said, ‘Father, please pray for me that I don’t become bitter. I don’t want to hate.’ ”

4. All the Angels and Saints. “If angels have no bodies and no gender, if they are pure spirits, why are they not represented in all races?”

5. Jesus Wants You To Wait. “As I learned to wait faithfully, God transformed the “dead” space of waiting into something vibrant and intensely alive. New hope and glimmers of glory penetrated my heart and imagination. And when the next chapter of my life was finally opened to me, I was prepared.”

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