while you wait for the return of “serial”

No secret to youse guys that I was deeply into Serial season one, and I am very much looking forward to the recently announced seasons next fall and spring. I am also really into true crime, generally, and have gone down many an internet rabbit hole. (Websleuths. It’s a crazy place.)

Here are five places to get your fix while we await Serial season two (DUE OUT THIS FALL!!)…

1. Criminal


A podcast with smaller doses of true crime. The storytelling is engaging, and the host is as well. I don’t await these with bated breath, but I definitely enjoy listening to them on my commute.

2. How To Get Away With Murder


Did you not delve into the newest Shondaland offering this past year? Summer is a great time to catch up in time for the new season this fall. It’s a crazytown show, and the plot is totally convoluted because Shonda Rhimes, which is the same reason you will love it (because Shonda Rhimes).

I’m still watching Grey’s Anatomy, though, so my barometer might be totally off.

3. Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places


I like Gone Girl well enough. But I LOVED Dark Places. Chilling, family drama, speculation, conspiracy, wrongful conviction, Midwest. Bam. Hitting the sweet spot. This is also going to be a movie, so get ahead of the game and don’t try to read it on the Friday night before you’re trying to go to the movie on Saturday.

4. Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter – Tom Franklin


I read this book like 4 years ago, so my factual memories of it are a bit slim, but I do remember sitting on a stationary bike for over an hour longer than I meant to while finishing it. I did figure out the ending it at the time, but it was a fun suspense thriller nonetheless.

5. The Jinx


This HBO show about Robert Durst has its issues, as you have probably seen bandied about on the internet, but I think it’s more than worth the watch. The whole thing is crazy interesting, crazy scary, and crazy crazy.

Do you have any true crime or suspense or mystery recommendations to help get me through the summer?

Linking up with the 5Faves party, as well!


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