warby parker home try-on: #nofilter edition

Let’s do this. I received a gift card from Warby Parker from my office as a holiday gift at the end of 2014. Two weeks ago, I finally got an updated prescription from the eye doctor. Last week, I received a box of home try-on samples. Today, I finally share some selfies I took of myself in the glasses with you.

Here’s how we are working this one. In the photos, I have no make-up on and my hair is on the final moments of being acceptable clean for public. These have no filter. This is because I want to get glasses that look decent on me on the days I am actually going to wear them. And let’s be honest: this is what I look like on days I wear my glasses.

And usually I look worse, with like a red runny nose and skin breaking out because that’s what I look like when I’m sick. Or maybe I look haggard as all get out because that’s what I look like on early morning flights. Those are the times I wear my glasses.

In these photos, I am also sitting on a bench next to a tennis court with cars behind me. My photography skills, let me tell you. They are off the chain. (Do people say that? Did anyone ever say that?)

I have one opinion on a pair, my parents and siblings have another. I am not going to tell you what those opinions are.

Baseline selfie:

Me in my sunglasses, like normal. It’s not great. But meh, not the worse I’ve ever looked. (Oh no, definitely not the worst.)


The following options link to the actual glasses on the Warby Parker website. Some are comically bad. You be the judge. The faces are honestly unrelated to my feelings about each pair. I was just mugging for the camera, I guess. Which for me means looking like I woke up on the very wrong side of the bed?


There are matte blue, with matte brown arms.



Round, blue.



Brown, gigantic.



Gray, metal arms.

crane ti


Blue, rectangles.


And here is an awkward accidental selfie I took. Where my ten chins have been obscured by a scarf.


Five pairs of glasses… so I’m obviously joining the party at #5Faves (late).


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