my audio bookshelf [june 2015]

Y’all know I love podcasts. I have close to 40 on rotation right now, and that is after a recent purge… In addition to my stalwarts like Radiolab, PCHH and other NPR offerings, anything/everything Grantland, and some more recent additions like Invisibilia, Fountains of Carrots, and This Inspired Life, here is what has been added to my app recently:

1. Mystery Show

10404516_777933452303821_2729233944637903886_nGimlet’s offerings have been good so far. Start Up and Reply All are interesting. Mystery Show is something else. Mystery Show is AMAZING. Starlee Kine (who I have loved from other audio work for a while now) solves mysteries that she can’t solve using only the internet. The mysteries are great (I need to write about my semi-secret love of mysteries and crime one of these days), but the thing I love most is her willingness to be straight up raw and vulnerable with people. There is so much honest connection in each episode. My favorite so far was Case 3: Belt Buckle.

2. The Girl Next Door

cover170x170I mainlined every episode of this in about a week, oops. The hosts are next door neighbors who record this gem of a podcast while drinking cocktails. I feel like a fly on the wall in their conversations and love the neighborhood news sagas. (Saw Guy!!!) I listened in chronological order from the beginning, so now I really feel like I know them and their stories. Shout-out to Joanna at Cafe du Martin for getting me hooked on this.

3. Catholic Stuff You Should Know

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 9.21.21 AMI don’t even want to know how many hours I have listened to this over the last week. Luckily the episodes aren’t numbered in the iTunes feed, so I really don’t know how much I’ve mainlined. I was aware of this on the periphery for a while, but HOLY MOLY it is so good. Listenable, funny, good theology, and I really feel like I’m getting some good formation out of it. I also now know where some priests who shall remain nameless are stealing from.

4. Stylus

tumblr_static_a4f4fy4awkggkgocsc0k44sg4Not so many episodes of this yet — but damn, are the current episodes good. It is “a show about sound, music, and listening.” It’s a close call, but the episode Songs of the Earth is probably my favorite of the first series released.

5. Building Bridges

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 10.24.25 AMA new kid on the block arising from the lovely Blessed is She community! Jenna and Cristina are creating a place for women to share their stories and build friendship. Even when the topics are heavy, they have such joy and excitement about connection that it will still probably put a smile on your face.

6. Happier

PodcastHappierLogoI recently have gotten into audiobooks, as I mentioned when I listened to Dead Wake and some of Outlander. Recently, I listened to Gretchen Rubin’s new book, Better Than Before on Audible! I enjoyed it a lot. I enjoy this podcast slightly less, as it tends to recycle Rubin’s favorite ideas. But in any case, it helps me keep up with habits that I am trying to form. (As does reading about Kelly Mantoan’s habit success over on her blog.)

Are you a podcast listener? What are your favorites right now?


5 thoughts on “my audio bookshelf [june 2015]

  1. PODCASTS. Thank you for new recommendations. I’m in a podcast rut. Catholic Stuff You Should Know is my absolute favorite of all time so I’m sure I’ll love the others. I listened to “Belt Buckle” from Mystery Show and I’m hooked.

  2. I’m a huge fan of the Freakonomics Podcast even though I don’t really have time to listen to ANY podcasts. However, I’m trying to find a few more good ones for our upcoming Midwest roadtrip. I feel like my husband and I might both enjoy Mystery Show. Will have to check it out.

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