so you want to change your life


  1. Be dissatisfied.
  2. Be completely unsure why.
  3. Try to find ways to be satisfied.
  4. Some suggestions: achieve goals, get a new job, fall in love, buy new clothes, travel, go to concerts, drink, eat, decorate your house
  5. Continue to be dissatisfied.
  6. Start wondering why.
  7. Really wonder.
  8. Some suggestions: journal, read, trawl social media, sit in an art museum, walk in nature, listen to music
  9. Decide you should pray.
  10. Don’t pray.
  11. Start unraveling your unsatisfying life.
  12. Some suggestions: throw out your goals, quit your job, fall out of love, purge your clothes, stay home, move apartments
  13. Question everything.
  14. Entertain every idea for completely radical change in your life.
  15. Finally start praying.
  16. Begin to realize what you may actually want.
  17. Keep praying, harder now.
  18. Tell one person what you think you may want.
  19. Tell two.
  20. Be terrified.
  21. Wait. Pray. Wait.
  22. Keep waiting.
  23. I’ll let you know.

More questioning and waiting: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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