worthwhile clicks vol. 2 [7 quick takes]


Things are real creative around here this week, apparently… (joking). But here are some highly clickable links for your Friday!

1. You might have seen on my Instagram that I was blessed to celebrate the 50th Birthday of L’Arche a few weeks ago! I’m a huge L’Arche fan, and regularly listen to the episode of On Being that features Jean Vanier. (Stuck with me from my first listen, which I highlighted in a Five Faves post last summer…)

I was mining my old drafts this week and stumbled upon a wonderful article from The Economist’s Intelligent Life imprint about him that I had saved from last summer as well.

A quote from Rowan Williams, former archbishop of Canterbury, who has been close to the L’Arche community for almost its whole lifespan:

What L’Arche does is to question our assumptions that, in order to be living a life of worth and beauty, we need to be fluent and successful. The affirmation of everyone, whatever their capacity, allows those of us who think we are in control to face our own vulnerability and failure.

3. On the topic of On Being, someone else out there is a fan as well! Erica Tighe of Be A Heart posted about how much she has enjoyed listening to the podcast. She has a great list of some of the most essential episodes.

4. Traditions, picnics, greeeeat looking food. May need to channel this over the summer. At The Wednesday Chef.

5. Kelly Mantoan, host of the link-up this post is joining, is posting about her weekly goals after reading Better than Before, which I also recently finished. As an Obliger myself, I need to start telling y’all what my habit goals are so that I feel peer pressure/guilt.

6. One of mine was to do 10-20 minutes of activity (swim, yoga, jog, bodyweight, arms, etc) every morning. I think that lasted four days. It needs to last longer than that. Here’s some talk about running and habits.

7. McKinney… IDK, y’all. I don’t have much more left in me to say about the continued systematic injustices in our country. But Shannon had a beautiful piece about McKinney and respect. Just go read what she has to say.

Hope you all are off to a lovely weekend! I will be busier than I usually choose to be with a couple happy hours, helping a friend move, exercise, and a Courtney Barnett concert. Should be a good one!

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