tbt tumblr vol 1.: my recent past

Welcome to an exciting new series here on this here blog, where I share awesome things I once shared on my Tumblr, which I haven’t really touched in two years. Turns out, I like my past-self a lot and thought you might enjoy what college Brigid and just-graduated-from-college Brigid was interested in, too. Most of it is unattainably pretty things, basically pre-Pinterest-dominance Pinterest.

We will be doing this in themes (get excited for Game of Thrones early seasons, vegan recipes I never cooked, charming international images, and more!), but to start it off, let’s revisit some events from my past.

[Click through for the original posts.]
rockaway beach

My dear friend Amy and I spent a magical summer living in Gramercy in Manhattan for a summer when we were 21. We escaped the heat (and city stench) on the Fourth of July and headed out to Rockaway Beach.

milk and honey

One spring day in Baltimore. There was a crab deck involved.

Some days in Wisconsin:

summer wisconsinSummer Wisconsin.

winter wisconsin

Winter Wisconsin.

cozy wisconsin

Cozy Wisconsin.

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