luh croy

I’m obsessed with La Croix. I drink at least one every day, usually a couple.

Note: it is pronounced Luh Croy; it is not real French. It originated in Also-Fake-French La Crosse, Wisconsin. Under no circumstances should the R trill at all. It is not Lah Crrrrwah. Luh Croy rhymes with The Boy. Just deal with it.

In honor of Jenna’s return to hosting Five Faves, let’s talk about the five reasons I will always be committed to my one true love – La Croix.IMG_8612

  1. My mother and her college roommates drank La Croix when I was a child. Lemon La Croix. I found it disgusting. So now, drinking La Croix makes me feel like a real adult.
  2. Even so, forget lemon La Croix!! There are always new flavors popping up. My usual go-tos had been peach-pear, pamplemousse, and berry, but some recent favorites include mango, passionfruit, and cran-raspberry. The fancy Curate flavors are intriguing, too — really want to try the pineapple and cola flavors in addition to the apple-berry and cherry-lime that I enjoyed.
  3. It is trenddyyyyy. No one is more surprised than my mom and I.
  4. For those who have not previously been introduced to the La Croix magic, it is a conversation starter. And for those who have… I have made friends with a Benedictine friar and an old lady at Whole Foods because of La Croix.
  5. No sugar, no guilt. And it feels like a treat. What more can you ask of a lowly carbonated beverage?!

Most boring post on this blog ever is now over. Thank you for enjoying this time with me. Visit Five Faves for way more legitimate writing.

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7 thoughts on “luh croy

  1. Boring??? Nothing boring about our shared love: La Croix. I am a huge fan of lemon right now, but I also love lime, pamplemoussegrapefruitwhatever, apricot, peach-pear and more! Just never coconut. Never ever.

  2. I LOVE La Croix…Especially for hangovers when I crave carbonation but don’t want the sugar or aspartame of soda.

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