small happy weekend (summer)

What is your ideal weekend? I have had a great, great weekend this weekend, and it helped me realize that my favorite weekends have a lot in common with the “Small Happy Life” piece floating around this week.roof

Here are some things that would be great additions to a small, happy weekend for me right now.

  • long green run
  • long blue swim
  • big salad
  • art museums
  • fountains in the national gallery (both wings)
  • going to bed early
  • waking up late
  • two short playlists (one, two)
  • evening mass
  • no-guilt laziness
  • a roof-beer with a friend
  • midday netflix in bed
  • slow, incremental tidying up
  • napping on the couch
  • farmers marketing
  • reading
  • yoga class
  • unhurried trips on mass transit
  • organizing the mail
  • late night grocery store trip
  • abandoning my phone
  • no-reason phone calls
  • small cooking projects
  • coffee
  • prepping food and iced coffee and iced tea for the week
  • excessive skincare rituals
  • looking out the window for a long time
  • a glass of wine

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