5×5 faves for april adventures

I have been choosing to be busy with a lot of things that aren’t blogging lately. Here are some of them, sorted into five categories, with five items each. Is this too regimented for this slackadaisical blog? (I just made up that word.) Who cares, the mission of this blog is “I do what I want.” I recommend all of these things. On with the five-by-five faves.cherry blossons

Things on the Internet:

  1. Making up words that are now in my vocabulary and should be on the SAT
  2. Remembering to just be happy now and stop thinking that being thin will change my happiness 
  3. Mocking the Masters, and I don’t even follow golf (get to at least 1:40)
  4. Sancta Nomina – love names, am obsessed with this blog. Like creepy, stalky.
  5. Gorgeous Japanese cityscapes

Things for spring and newfound springtime energy:

  1. Making iced coffee and homemade flavored syrup (Inspiration)
  2. Making spicy pickled slaw (I added a lot more jalapeños.)
  3. Riding my bike around and running and hiking
  4. Listening to pop music (Here’s a sampling of my current JAMS)
  5. Drinking beers outdoorsoxford maryland

Things I have wanted to be doing while at work but obviously wasn’t doing

  1. Playing SimCity
  2. Looking for dogs to pet
  3. Dealing with the fact that I took everything out of my closet to sort it but just left it all on my couch
  4. Being back in Annapolis and the Eastern Shore (put Easter weekend on repeat)
  5. Drinking beers outdoors

Things I’ve watched on my computer

  1. Mad Men
  2. Game of Thones
  3. Veep
  4. Silicon Valley
  5. Jane the Virgin

Things that are miscellaneous:

  1. Being astounded that Hillary Clinton is 67. I evenmade a photo collage.
  2. Learning how to play slapcup. I am out of college, I swear, but that doesn’t mean I won’t get over-invested in a drinking game or a series of them.
  3. Having a reignited love affair with my Instagram
  4. Dealing with my seasonal allergies
  5. Just go drink some beers outdoors, dammit.


Linking up with Five Faves because that’s my favorite reason to post.


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