things i want to buy

I’m trying to cut back on spending, like RILLY RILLY trying. But there are just so many things out there in the world that I want, so I am going to try to get the urge out by just telling you about those things.

1. Bellocq Tea

I really enjoy tea, but I feel like I give it the short shrift next to coffee. I go the extra mile and spend money on good coffee, but I buy really cheap tea in general. Maybe investing in some good tea would help me enjoy it for its own merits?

Sampler boxes?

But I also want to try a few that aren’t included in those…

2. Madewell

Honestly, these three things could get me through most of summer when I think about what else I have in my wardrobe. Time to try to recoup a few dollars for what unwearable items remain in my closet, I guess! Because I just really want these. (linked through picture!)




3. Candles

Right now, I have two beautiful candles. One is in a large iridescent glass jar and one is a classic tinned 3-wick candle. I have been trying to keep an eye out for beautiful candles that I can burn when these two are gone. Both of my current candles were random finds, and I don’t know where people shop for candles. But I know where to go for a bunch of stuff that I really want but shouldn’t buy… Anthro.

Okay, like maybe… this one starts at $24 for a tiny one.

“Giant Iridescent”?! Hell yeah! $88?

Actually, I changed my mind. I’m just going to have a ton of tealights.

4. Glossier everything.

All the cool kids seem to be into Glossier skin care right now.Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 1.50.03 PM

I want to be cooler… and have better skin. So that seems like a good way to go. But as I just refreshed all my makeup in February, I don’t really have a skincare budget right now. (Cue my mom reminding me that I should actually use all the current skincare stuff I have before getting more.) Maybe I should just drink some more water and get some more sleep. That also usually works.

5. A new phone?

Oops, shattered my screen last week.

Honestly, messing up my phone was a bit of a blessing. I have been thinking a lot about my attachment to objects and how much value I place on them. And “oops” has been my main emotion about shattering my screen. This is a very different reaction then the one I had when I got a grease-stain on a new leather bag just after Christmas. I think I have one Marie Kondo to thank for a lot on this topic.

My mom’s 4 is sitting on my coffee table in case the crack starts to drive me to distraction, but eh, fine for now! Here’s a picture from moments after the destruction was wrought. I was definitely camera ready.

brokeass phone

Caveat: there are some things I will be distraught if I ever break or lose: my grandmother’s rosary, a hairtie without access to a back-up, my nail polish collection.

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8 thoughts on “things i want to buy

    1. I need everything on the Glossier site… and about $200 of tea and candles. That’s money well-used, right?

      And as to the danger… yes, almost definitely, since I’ve been spending a lot of time reading the internet and trying to resist buying essential oils since I still don’t understand anything about them. There’s a high potential for enabling that desire!!

  1. I’ve been tempted by essential oils lately too.I have some candles from Caldrea and Nest that I’ve been enjoying that last few months. I love the look of that first one from Anthropologie.

      1. I bought the Nest one on Amazon. I know they’re also sold at Sephora though and probably some department stores.

  2. I’ve been sick so much this spring that I actually started buying good quality tea and – gosh darn it – I can TOTALLY tell the difference. I can’t figure out if this is good (because I have a new morning ritual) or bad (because I go through a box of tea in about three weeks). Blrgh.

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