neutral shoes: a cry for help

I wear a lot of flats. And I love sandals. And when I moved, my sister made me face the reality that most of my flats were basically trash. Let’s clarify: we threw out all of my flats except a mediocre pair of nude ballet flats and a pair of nude open toe sandal-y flats that a just a bit fussier than I usually find appealing. These were the remaining shoes because they are the two pairs I have avoided wearing the most.

My summer choices were looking exceptionally bleak. While, yes, I do have two different pairs of Birks, those aren’t always an appropriate choice. The other summer options: one pair of platform heeled sandals (yeah, right) and one very comfortable pair of Born flip-flops.

Soooo, I needed to dig in and find some shoe options as I longingly look to summer. I don’t even like summer, but they’ve forecasted snow for tomorrow and that might just kill me.

I even made a bad graphic, this is how you know it’s serious.

summer flats

1. I love my Avarcas. I had an off-white pair that I bought at the end of summer 2013, and I loved them and wore them into the ground. They were dead-dead-dead by this winter and had to go. This time I decided to go with the brown pictured above because that seems like a color with a longer lifespan. They get here tomorrow, with the snow.

2. I might be biased because one of my favorite cousins has been doing work for them, but American Eagle has some shockingly good shoes right now. This pair seems like a good middle ground between the Avarcas and the other open toe flats I have, and the price is right.

3. I really love these sandals and ordered them on the cheap, final sale. They are tragically a bit narrow for my ugly terrible feet, but I’m hoping I can break them in. I ordered the nude above, but they only have snakeskin left right now, which is too cool for me.

4. Another American Eagle pair! One of my college roommates had adorable huaraches that she wore all the time and I envied, but I’ve never gotten a pair of my own. I think these may be it – closed toe but light, which is great for mass transit in the summer.

This looks like a cry for help. This may actually BE a cry for help. I am the boringest shoe person, we may have confirmed. Do I need black shoes? Colored shoes? What kind of shoes do people even wear? HELP.

(I am also hiding a pair of sparkly-black and brown pleather sandals in my closet but they are also trashed and need to be thrown away. I’m admitting this so I actually do it. If you see me wearing them, rip them off my feet as a punishment.)


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