seven things that choked me up this week

I’ve been a Moody B (that can both stand for my name and a less nice word) all week. I am not even going to think about the Parks and Rec finale because then I will just LOSE it.

So here are seven things that helped me continue to fuel my Moody B-ness this week:

1. This version of “The Parting Glass” from Waking Ned Devine, the best movie ever made.

If I’m in any kind of mood, I listen to “The Parting Glass” a lot. It goes well with many feelings, and I’m pretty sure this was the first version I was really familiar with. It’s a less-common version of the lyrics and includes a poem, so I will also provide a version with the more familiar lyrics:

On with the feelings.

2. Painter immortalizes last meals of 600 prisoners put to death
Yeah, this is pretty upsetting. Humanizing, gripping, and entrancing. Good luck going on with your day/ever eating a meal again after this.

3. Homeless man of deep faith given funeral, burial in Vatican City
Oh, do you feel like people don’t live out deeply loving relationships with each other any more? Do you feel like your life in your millennial metropolis is empty and devoid of true connection with other people? Well, read this and feel like you are a soulless monster and then sell everything you own and live without belongings in Vatican City. That’s what I did today.


This song made me tear up while listening to an episode of “Welcome to Night Vale.” For no reason.

5. Sitting on the train this morning and realizing that all the people in the car with me are Beloved by God and doing the best they can, too. Blaming this book and this quote. Why do these holy dudes keep messing up my angry-teen perception of the world?

6. Have you ever loved a grandparent? Jen at Jen Meets Life wrote a tribute to her late grandmother, Marilyn, and I may have had a few real tears well up while reading it on my phone.

7. That dumb dress is tearing my family apart. I’ve seen both colors. I may not survive.

And I’m catching up over at 7QT today!


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