let’s talk about me

I know, crazy, talking about me. On this blog. Which basically is just me talking about… me.

I’m thinking about moving my blog to another host site (Squarespace, maybe?) and in research end up reading about blogging best practices. One keeps coming up: have a vision for what your blog is about. Yeah, I don’t have that.

I’m here to offer you lots of thoughts and iPhone photos.

On this topic:


So instead, how about a long list of things about me, which my blog could potentially be about?

  1. My feet are very ugly.
  2. My nails are almost always painted.
  3. I love baked potatoes and all potato dishes.
  4. I have three different coffee-makers. A drip, a French press, and a stovetop espresso maker. And I really want an aeropress and a Chemex…
  5. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin journalism school (clearly took away some great lessons about clarity, focus, professionalism, and conciseness in my writing.)
  6. In college, I seriously considered converting to Judaism. Then I tried Unitarian Universalism. They didn’t stick.
  7. I watch too much television. All on Hulu.
  8. My favorite show, probably ever, is Parks and Rec.
  9. I still watch Grey’s Anatomy. It is not good. I cried during last week’s episode. Ugh.
  10. I was born in Minneapolis, and grew up in the Milwaukee suburb of Wauwatosa, the Chicago suburb of Hawthorne Woods, and Green Bay, WI.
  11. I still hate being cold.
  12. The summer before my senior year of college, I had two music industry internships in New York and fell in love with the city while running around with my friend Amy and cousin Erin.
  13. I will be living my best life when I have a life of wearing exclusively loungewear, flowy cotton, and silk robes.
  14. Having a clean apartment brings me joy, but I am easily distracted while cleaning… so it’s rarely as clean as I’d like.
  15. But I don’t mind too much, as long as there are some living plants and fresh flowers.
  16. Though that ficus is definitely dead for real now.
  17. My siblings and I were once members of a waterski show team. My mom sent out a Christmas card where we were skiing in a pyramid.
  18. I have donated my hair to Locks for Love twice. Both times, they had to cut it in three separate ponytails because of the absurd amount of hair on my head.
  19. As a child, I was convinced I was actually Wendy from Peter Pan and wanted my brother to be named after Wendy’s brothers.
  20. Later I moved on to being Ariel and Belle.
  21. I honestly don’t like chocolate cake.
  22. The best class I took in college was a seminar called “Soul Music and the Civil Rights Movement.” It was way better than the Mad Men class I took.
  23. I like chewing gum, but it hurts my teeth.
  24. I got my tonsils out when I was 17. My sister was 10. She recovered roughly two weeks before I did.
  25. I love rapping along to songs I don’t actually know the words to.

Since I’m 25, we can call it a day with a round number that matches my age.


6 thoughts on “let’s talk about me

  1. I’m always so jealous of girls who remember to paint their nails consistently. :p I am TERRIBLE at that. Love the colors, but hate sitting there and applying the polish.
    ps. Skiing triangle formation?!!?!? You are my new hero. Photo please!

    1. I’m so troubled by this, too. Because I love cake and chocolate… just not as a single thing. Have I just had too many pieces of dried-out birthday treat sheet cake?

      I will do like chocolate AND something else, like a chocolate-caramel-Heath Bar cake my mom makes, but just not like… frosted chocolate cake.

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