i can cable knit!!

I’m going to pretend to be a crafting blog for a sec. Much like times I pretend to be a food blogger or a fitness blogger or really any kind of blogger with a unifying theory of blogging, this is pretty much a total lark.

At Thanksgiving time, my cousin Lauren was knitting cable knit headbands for her friends. I was very impressed. (Knitting context: I have made like 4 scarves and have about 8 half-finished scarves in a big basket.) She told me there was really reason to feel intimidated, because if I could knit and purl, I could do it. And she was right! I have made two, and you can see from these gorgeous models, my sister, Margaret, and one of her best friends, Catherine, that they come out looking good. This was my first experience following a pattern, and it gave me a lot of confidence.IMG_6742

IMG_6739Here are the directions exactly as I received them from Lauren:

SIZE 13 needles.  
If you’re going to buy, them, get 16-inch circular (connected with the little plastic wire) because you’ll use them for cowls/hats/more projects later. Bamboo is fine or Boye brand is cheap.  Don’t pay more than $10. Walmart or Michael’s or order them online. You could totally use size 11 if that’s all you can find, too.
Cable Hook
I have this set http://www.simplicity.com/p-5444-boye-cable-stitch-needles-set.aspx but I only ever use the big hook.  I noticed most of the videos use straight small needles, I might switch over…
SUPER BULKY YARN. I like Lion Brand Hometown USA. http://www.lionbrand.com/yarns/hometownUSA.html but Michael’s carries another brand that is cheap and decent, too.
Cast on.
Row 1: Knit 13
Row 2: K2 Purl 9 K2
Row 3: K2 CF6 K5
Row 4: K2 P9 K2
Row 5: K13
Row 6: K2 P9 K2
Row 7: K5 CB6 K2
Row 8: K2 P9 K2
REPEAT rows 1 – 8 until the length wraps comfortably around you head. Cast off.
Here’s what you need to know to do this headband…
Casting on: This is how I do it, but there’s a million ways. You might have been taught something else…
K (Knit): 
CF (Cable Front) & CB (Cable Back): How to knit cables
Remember our pattern calls for CF 6 which means “put three stitches on the cable hook, dangle to the front, continue to knit 3, then knit the 3 that are dangling to the front.”  The tutorial does 4 but our yarn is too thick to do that. CB6 means, it dangles to the back of your work.
If I can do it, so can you. But also, if you have any super easy patterns or projects to recommend, please let me know! I am making an infinity scarf now, but it’s not going as quickly as these little guys went.
I also started slipping the first stitch knit-wise when doing Catherine’s headband. It puts a really nice edge on it. If you don’t know what that means, ignore it.
(And look, I even had a scheduled post to go up this morning. I am so proud of myself.)



Note to knitters: I sized way up on yarn and needles for my headbands. I used super-bulky yarn and size 15 needles.


2 thoughts on “i can cable knit!!

    1. You totally can do it! It is so easy. I would just teach yourself to knit and purl – just practice on some yarn for a while. It won’t look good, but then you can rip it all out once you get the hang of it and then you’ll be good to use that yarn for your first project!

      I still have to google casting on every. time. I start a project.

      I do really want to learn to crochet, too, though, because I saw a gorgeous basketweave knit blanket on Instagram and loved it.

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