subway blogging

As you all know, I am a highly professional blogger. I write thoughtfully and circumspectly. I edit all my posts and make sure they are coherent and styled well. I post on a regular and reliable schedule.

Or not. And right now I am blogging from my phone on the subway after work.

I’ve been trying to blog but keep getting hung up on what updates to share and what’s uninteresting or irrelevant.

I ran another half marathon (that’s three in the last year now) in California with my parents and two of my uncles and logged some sunshine and playing with animals time. Seriously restorative.



IMG_6732My sister came for the next weekend to help me move. I could not have moved without her. I might have just burned everything I own instead.


Thankfully that did not happen. We also bought an orchid from the grocery store. It’s still alive.

IMG_6729I later had a meltdown while trying to build Ikea but was rescued by a sweet friend and now have a bed.

I repotted a dormant ficus. Results remain to be seen. That feels symbolic. It’s too sad to even picture. The thing looks like some sticks in a pot of dirt.

My parents are coming to DC this weekend. I am so happy to get to see them three times in just over two months. It’s been years since that has happened.IMG_6731

On a different topic, today would have been my Grandma Haha’s 83rd birthday. She was the mother of 9, survived cancer at 30, was widowed with young kids, had a heart transplant, and remained the happiest and most generous woman through it all.

My little sister looks just like her.




One thought on “subway blogging

  1. Brigid your writing and perspective are beautiful. I am excited to visit this weekend. I tell your mom often that HaHa’s heart transplant was a gift of 8 years from Heaven.

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