a little epiphany talk

I’ve been struggling lately, and it’s not a secret.

I feel unsettled, and no surprise why: since I graduated from college, I’ve lived in two cities, three apartments, and held four jobs, most of which have included upheaval within them. And now the relationship I have been in that whole time is ending, and I am moving yet again. Little wonder that I am longing for a little stability.

I heard a homily this weekend at an unfamiliar parish near my new apartment about the way grace manifests in our lives, and it jogged my brain a bit, which I thought was still burned out from the next-level Jedi mind tricks of Seven Storey Mountain.

In the Eastern Church, the Epiphany (or Theophany) was originally a celebration of the birth of Christ and the baptism in the Jordan, understood to be on the same day — layered epiphanies. This got me thinking about layered epiphanies in my own life — will I be able to look back on the last few years and see a consistent thread of grace through what currently looks pretty chaotic?

In the meantime, I picked up on another piece of the homily: that the Magi can represent our own pilgrimages. And that’s kind of been the feeling I have lately about my own life. I’m not sure exactly where the pilgrimage is taking me, but I’m definitely going to be ending up somewhere different.

The pope wrote in 2013: “We must never forget that we are pilgrims journeying alongside one another.”

So, I guess, in honor of the Epiphany, thanks for being on this pilgrimage with me.

I’m hoping it’s the emotional/spiritual bootcamp that will get me to a real pilgrimage someday because El Camino is calling my name. (You’d think I’d have grown out of it by now, as it’s been years since I first read The Ramsay Scallop!)

But no, I’m into this:

irouleguy_940x705 (1)

(Stolen from the Internet. Thanks cellartours.com.)


4 thoughts on “a little epiphany talk

    1. sorry for such a tardy response, gierdre! can you link me to your blog post? i couldn’t find it for some reason when i looked a bit ago! i would love to read a first hand account. (dreaming of starting off in lourdes.)

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