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Full disclosure update: I have ended my ClassPass membership. It just stopped being convenient for my life. Nope. Back on Class Pass.

I am deeply into my new favorite way to workout: ClassPass.

I have a bad relationships with gyms: I don’t really like to use lift weights alone or use cardio equipment, and I also don’t like classes when they are in multipurpose rooms being watched by passers-by. What I really enjoy are specialized group workouts, experienced teachers, and variety, and ClassPass really fits the bill for that.

I used to have a bunch of Gilt City and Living Social passes going to be able to hit all the studios and classes that I wanted to, and I was not good at keeping track of how many classes I had left or when they expired. Luckily, ClassPass takes the guess work out of that. I get to take 3 classes/month at any of the member studios.

Unfortunately, my beloved Zengo was listed when I signed up but has yet to be able to connect due to technical issues between the class registration platforms. Waiting with bated breath for them to work that out. I also don’t like having to cancel classes more than 24 hours out from the class time if I can’t attend. I can’t always predict what my workdays will look like, so this creates some trouble for evening classes. I guess the flip side is that it’s pushing me back into my morning workouts?

After attending classes (so far) at Biker Barre, Yoga Heights, Pure Barre – Old Town, XTend – Shaw, Toolbox Pilates, and Reformation Fitness, I can say that I am 100% on board with ClassPass. All the studios I’ve been to have been super high quality, and I love the opportunity to take whatever variety of class for what ends up being an incredible price compared to usual class packs.

I’m a huge fan of Pilates on the reformer, and ClassPass has made it so much more accessible for me. While reformer classes go for over $30 a session generally, I’ve been able to take a bunch for what ends up being around $10/session. While the time and studio options are more limited than if I was buying outright, that makes it worth it for me.

In particular, Toolbox Pilates and Reformation Fitness are a great value to have available. I already knew and loved Reformation, but their classes were out of reach for me without the Gilt coupon I had used to go in the past. I attended reformer/chair with Carlos there a few weeks ago and then sought out his class at Toolbox in DuPont. Toolbox is an absolutely gorgeous studio. Peaceful, quiet, and open with a gallery setting downstairs.

I am very awkward about taking photos in a gym or studio setting, but I went out of my way to snap these at Toolbox last week:



It’s even better for a morning class, when the huge windows let in a ton of light.

I still have some classes to use up at Biker Barre on Capitol Hill, Flow Yoga in Logan, and the various Yoga District locations, but I haven’t made a decision on whether to keep up the separate yoga passes. If I can find a nearby yoga spot covered by ClassPass that I love, I think I will probably drop those, too.


7 thoughts on “class pass

    1. Do they have it in chicago?! Even more people for me to push it on! The DC pass is $99, which is not cheap but is not dissimilar to a nice gym membership here and much cheaper than individual packages to studios.

    1. Thanks, Rachael! I’m not usually a fitness blogger, but ClassPass could turn me into one yet, looking at my addiction.

      On Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 2:27 PM, cold pressed wrote:


      1. I took a FlyWheel class (not sure if you guys have that) and was high on endorphins when I decided that I just HAD to start a blog about how amazing a workout can be. I was looking for ways to afford my obsession and found ClassPass and I have been addicted ever since! I kind of like how you have to schedule ahead of time because it forces me to go even on days when I just want to sit on the couch. I would love for you to take a look at my blog! Let me know what you think!

  1. Unfortunately, no FlyWheel here! I am big on spin, though and have heard great things about FlyWheel. When I was moving to DC from Madison, I was soooo sad to leave Cyc but have found some great options here, including Zengo Cycle (which is supposedly coming to CP…).

    I checked out your blog, and it has a really nice set up! I wish we had some of those studios here — especially the trampoline and row classes that other cities have popping up.

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