the most wonderful time of the year?

Not Christmas, but crisp, late fall. I love the dark velvety sky and creamy clouds in the morning. I grew up thinking of it as late September weather in Wisconsin, but here in DC, it’s November. I feel rested and pleasant and running seems appealing again, if only to build a little ball of heat inside.


Thank you for indulging this flight of fancy. God help me if it turns into cold, rainy fall. And don’t be mad if I decide Thanksgiving, then Advent, Christmas, spring, or May are my favorites.


Thanks again.


One thought on “the most wonderful time of the year?

  1. Jealous that it’s pleasant enough to still go running where you are! Here in Chicago, it’s officially dipped below the 40s, which means it’s WAY too cold for this Southern born girl to go running. Netflix + hot chocolate seems like a much better idea (although completely not helpful for the actual working out part)

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