the old college try: whole30 round 2

As you may remember, I attempted/failed at doing a Whole30 in August. I chose a month in which I was leaving a job and starting a new job with a vacation in between. So I was clearly set up for success.

And if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, right? After I saw Jolie was planning to do a Whole30 leading up to Thanksgiving, the time felt right to give it another go. I will probably cut mine a little short as I head to Minneapolis the weekend before the holiday, but that gives me a solid chunk of time to reset before the “Holiday Season” whirlwind commences. The first week will definitely be the hardest, with an honors dinner to attend tomorrow and Halloween this weekend, so I made sure I am going into it with a plan.

Here is that plan:


Here are the things for which I have recipes!

Well Fed Pad Thai – minus the chicken, plus:

Gyoza meatballs – using turkey instead of pork

Shepherd’s Pie – I had found one which I noted to myself as “Bits of BB’s Kitchen,” but Google has not helped me figure out what that is. In the mean time, planning to use this recipe with a mix of sweet and white potatoes and chives.

Tandoori Chicken with Cauliflower Rice generally use this method and add some Indian-appropriate seasoning and maybe a bit of dried fruit

And my chicken salad is held together with the Well Fed Mayo or the Nom Nom Paleo Mayo (I use the version from her cookbook for the immersion blender) and is stuffed with fruit, celery, and nuts. Great on top of greens.

I spent the weekend with my parents and sister at her Parents’ Weekend in Atlanta (one million pictures from the botanical gardens to come) and did my best to eat all the carbs in Georgia. I think I may have gotten close, and I am going to feel just fabulous all week, I bet.

And linking up with Nell over here!


4 thoughts on “the old college try: whole30 round 2

  1. yesss…a blog post full of recipe ideas was JUST what I needed!! (I’m about to write up my grocery list and go *unhappy sigh* grocery shopping). Can you tell it’s not my favorite task??? So I was definitely appreciative of the ideas!

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