longform nail salon thinkpiece

Do you have the world’s ugliest feet? If you think you do, you are wrong because mine are the worst.

I have weird, twisted toes, a bunch of dead skin, and also my three besties aka my plantar warts that I have had basically since I was in swim team. That was in 4th grade. (No need to offer any folk remedies, I probably need some outpatient surgery on those guys. TMI? Definitely.)

I also always need to have nail polish on, and while I am semi-pro/AAA at my hands, I can’t really do my own feet. And so I am a regular pedicure-getter. Basically, once every two or so months, I have been heading into fairly questionable salons and crossing my fingers that I don’t get any scary nail salon infections. But then for the last month or so, I have been noticing a sign for “Nail Saloon” in the same building as my usual spin spot. The implications for this are wonderful. I noticed they were open two weeks ago, so I popped my head in… as they were closing. They sweetly offered me a $10 off coupon as part of their grand opening, so that convinced me to try again. I had also been intrigued by the brief glance I had of the inside of the salon.

My coupon expires on Halloween, I am heading to a fancy event with work on Monday, and I am in Atlanta visiting my lil nug this weekend, so I headed over tonight to pretty up my nasty feet. I walked in and realized I did not have my wallet. So I went home… and back. My feet needed it. I last had a pedicure in the summer, the most recent paint job was done by me, and I have been back on my running schedule. I am not posting the picture of my foot I sent to Kellie for a second opinion. Feel lucky. I hope you enjoyed this 300+ word build up.


LOVED my experience at the salon. The prices are quite a bit heftier than I usually will shell out on my feet, but this was the real deal. My nail tech spent over an hour with me, and my feet and legs are smooth and soft. I have been used to going places that use awful smelling fruity or flowery lotions, but the products being used at Nail Saloon are of a much higher quality and were also slightly warm, which was a surprising treat.


On the smells front, I usually like the feeling of being slightly high the entire time I am getting my nails done, cooking in the fumes of the salon, but I get that’s not for everyone. I had never been in such a well-ventilated salon — it smelled like a normal place that is not trying to recreate the experience of what I imagine huffing is like. Their lighting also didn’t give me a headache, which was great.

Their polishes are all non-toxic, currently offering Priti, Zoya, and RGB — my beloved Essie is a little toxic, so I’ll keep getting my color fix of those at home. They have drinks a-plenty, both alcoholic and non, and offered them often and generously. I stuck to one cocktail, but it would make for a great “happy hour” style spot if you’re trying to do a bit of double duty.


I also have to admit that I went from pleased and relaxed customer to totally enamored after chatting with the women who opened the salon. Andrea and Justine were so open, kind, and fun to talk to that I will definitely be back. They are both clearly super smart and super committed to their new endeavor, two winning qualities in my book. The atmosphere was incredibly welcoming,    and there’s a high chance I will just go back to hang out and read magazines even if I’m not getting my nails done.

(Side-note: really good magazines. I spotted Fast Company and The Economist among the selection. RARE.)

Then I went to Chipotle because I wanted a burrito in a bad way. Chipotle was out of tortillas. I went home hungry.

You always wanted me to write 700 words on a pedicure, right?


The after. In my poorly-lit kitchen. This is the best my feet ever look, and they still look weird.


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