catching up on my birthday resolutions

1. Taking better care of my body.

Been working out a lot. So, check? Sure. It’s going fine. Training for that half. Going to classes I enjoy all the time. Hey spin, hey barre, hey pilates, hey yoga. Come with me?! Thanks for coming to DC, ClassPass. It has been an awesome way to access a lot more classes than I could otherwise afford to.

2. Taking better care of my mind.

3. Taking better care of others.

4. Taking better care of my soul.

I think I have an idea for how to work on all three of these at once. It has been something chafing at me for a while now, and I’ve been a lot of talk about it. But talk is not action, duh. And if I talk about it here, it’s real because I wrote it down and made it public.

Minimizing my belongings, streamlining my clothes, not buying things to make me feel better about my body.

Basically the entire internet has been talking about capsule wardrobes and minimizing… for a while.

I think it is partially because blogs like Unfancy make it look appealing, but partially because so many of us are drowning in STUFF. With two people in a not-too-small one-bedroom apartment, I feel crazy for feeling like we don’t have enough room. But we have enough room — our stuff doesn’t. We did a preliminary purge in August, and it felt SO good. And I knew I needed to keep going.

I keep reading these posts and think about how I need to do it, but how I just didn’t know if I had it in me.

And then… and then… I read a sermon from the 300s AD about  how having too much stuff is stealing from the poor. Ouch. Okay. I think that means it’s an actual truth since it rings true thousands of years later. That’s how that works, right? Now I need to do something about it.

I commented on a recent capsule wardrobe post that I didn’t want to invest in new pieces to fill out the capsule wardrobe where I’m lacking until I am at a maintenance weight, and the author noted that just knowing that I like what I have in my closet could be good. The reduction there will help me mentally feel better when I get dressed in the morning — knowing that what I grab will actually make me feel good rather than doing the try-on-discard-feel-crappy-try-again rotation 4 or 5 times a morning. And also keep me from buying clothes at random to fill gaps that I think exist in my wardrobe, but may or may not be necessary. Really knowing what I have and knowing what I actually need will go a long way.

I do NEED a cocktail dress. This is the one Anthropologie cocktail dress that I liked a little bit in the store on Saturday. Not a great look for me. Hashtag no filter.

And that goes the same for the rest of the apartment, too. I did it successfully with my beauty products earlier in October, and it has made a huge difference in the bathroom and making my morning easier, to be honest. So I know it works. And I know my issues are not just with clothes. My clothing is just a place where other people have provided some internet guidance, and I feel ready to take it on. As each piece of the apartment becomes more functional and streamlined, I think I will feel empowered to continue down the path toward minimalism.

Not only will it give me the chance to diminish my attachment to the material in my life, but to free myself from the time and mental energy I spend focused on clothes when they can be used in much, MUCH more fulfilling and real ways. Spending 20 minute rifling through clothes I hate in the morning would be much better spent with a run, a book, a peaceful cup of coffee…

So I am just getting rid of all my things, then. (Hyperbole.)

I hate my stuff. Even if it’s just clean laundry. (Who even knows how many weeks’ worth this was.) Hashtag no filter ever.

(Addendum. 5. Taking better care of my blog. Making this a spoken goal because the last month has been sad over here.)

(Addendum part 2. I hope you enjoyed these non-filter, non-flattering, shlubby shlub pictures of me being a hot mess.)


3 thoughts on “catching up on my birthday resolutions

  1. I’ve had to minimize my wardrobe by force twice in the last few years and am grateful for it — it helps me save time and money not only by virtue of simplicity but also because it requires me to be v v honest about what items I both like and look good in, rather than buying things that are flattering but make no sense in my closet/lifestyle or buying things that I like in theory that do nothing for my body.

  2. So I too am working on getting my body in better shape. That is the purpose of a goal such as running a half marathon. Better to rid yourself of stuff at 25 vs. 57 when you have accumulated much more material goods than is necessary. Carry on and feel lighter!

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