unqualified bloggers are us

My poor, lonely blog. I visit you from a little coffee break at the office before a night that will go to 11. Not like Spinal Tap 11, but 11pm. I’m going to be a delight this evening.

Two weeks abandoned. Late nights at work + prioritizing social activity and physical activity + spending many hours on the weekend seeing art, cleaning, and watching football + assorted other personal things that need real time and attention = less time for the Internet.

Things I’ve Thought About Blogging About And Haven’t:

  • Clothes I want for fall (too many)
  • Interesting things I’ve read lately (too few)
  • How looking at art on the weekend makes me a better person (I’m too lazy)
  • The Synod on the Family (not a theologian)
  • How I am currently tackling organizing my apartment (still not that organized)
  • Weather (nobody wants this)
  • The Packers (nobody wants this, either)
  • My personal style (this is not a thing that actually exists)
  • My beauty routine (this exists but is not worth sharing with anyone)
  • My favorite places in DC (could probably do this, honestly)
  • Dogs from rescue websites that I would like to adopt (should not feed the beast aka my unquenchable desire to have a dog)
  • ABC dramas (Kellie is doing it so much better than I could anyway)
  • Weird pictures from my phone (oh, you really want that?)

Here you go:IMG_5662Work beer.


Work dog.

So instead, clearly the answer was to write you a lovely little post about things I have NOT been blogging about.

What I have been doing is listening to Outlander on Audible and making soup and drinking THIS tea. It’s great and non-caffeinated and not expensive.

Coffee break over, that’s all I got.

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