thought i already recommended this

Even though I am now vegging out to the Brooklyn 99 premiere on my couch, a couple hours ago, I got to hear Jennifer Fulwiler from Conversion Diary speak about 6 blocks from my house. It was amazing. She is a smart, funny, engaging speaker, and it was great to hear her talk about her recent memoir, which I thought I told you all to read a while ago.

Then I went to go look for the post I thought it was in to link it here… and it was in my drafts folder. Good work, Brigid.

In any case, let me try again. Please treat yourself to her memoir, Something Other Than God.


The title comes from one of my favorite C.S. Lewis quotes: “And out of that hopeless attempt has come nearly all that we call human history—money, poverty, ambition, war, prostitution, classes, empires, slavery—the long terrible story of man trying to find something other than God which will make him happy.”

(I say one of my favorite because I can’t play favorites on these things, especially from Mere Christianity. Ask my mom about how sad I was when I realized my old copy was definitely lost to the ether. Unless I lent it to one of you, in which case, can I have it back? I’ll trade the brand new copy I bought for my marked up high school copy!)

This is getting tangential. But the book is a clear, honest, heartfelt account of her journey from atheism to Catholicism. As someone who has struggled with finding my spiritual/religious niche, I loved her tender account of finding fulfillment in the Church. Her talk tonight and the book are a clear-eyed look at her journey, which made me feel empowered and normal.

I think the book is a good read for not only religious and agnostic-but-searching types, but also for those who may not get why people turn to God/church/religion in their lives. I often feel like a big weirdo for being “churchy,” so I would highly recommend this to anyone wondering how just that happens to normal, every day, secular folks. Because woosh, Jennifer Fulwiler is a powerful example.


6 thoughts on “thought i already recommended this

  1. Yeah I never got around to writing a review of the book either! Oh well – now it’s been sitting on my husband’s nightstand for months waiting for him to read it 😛

    1. Circling back around to thank YOU! I was extra on fire to peer pressure more readers after the talk, and my dad absolutely loved it. A great new father/daughter conversation starter.

  2. Brigid thank you for the recommendation. I truly enjoyed the book. That is for certain as I read it in two days! The advantage of a long flight and some time off. We are all in different places in our search for understanding the concept of God and whether we feel it is important to have faith. This book helped me focus again on why I believe in God and Jesus and why faith is important in my life.

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