November Project + 7 favorite online fitness finds

from the November Project blog

Last night, I went to a workout hosted by November Project x sweetgreen as part of sweetgreen’s passport program, who also treated me to the super hard 305fitness workout I went to a couple weeks ago. While 305fitness was more “fun,” the classes are $20+, and I just don’t have it in me to cough up more than $10-15 a class when I am paying by session, which is why Pilates reformer and CrossFit are no longer part of my life these days. November Project’s selling points: camaraderie, incredibly tough, high energy, welcoming, and FREE. Going to try to start dragging my lazy butt out of bed for some 6:30am workouts over the next few weeks. We’ll see if it sticks.

Side note: my legs are very fatigued. Stairs… haha. HAHA.

As I work on ramping up my activity again (again… This happens every year at this time.), I have been leaning into a few places for the kick in the pants/inspiration/psych up that I need. Note: not fitspo/thinspo on Tumblr. That ish messes with my brain/ego/emotions/soul. I stay away. Looking for real people with real things to say to me.

1. Fitness Behavior podcast with Bevan James Eyles. This peppy New Zealander’s podcast is about building behaviors that lead toward a love of fitness, rather than just a habit. I’ve started listening to the back episodes, and I am about ten in. I already have some great takeaways that have proven to be true in the short term: black and white rules are easier to follow than letting myself into the gray area where I can rationalize bad choices and lowering the barriers to entry on exercise. Looking forward to diving deeper into these.

2. Well+Being blog from The Washingtonian: Well+Being is a pretty standard local health blog with recipes, restaurant recommendations, and local workout class reviews. What I enjoy most, though, are the Food Diaries they post. The diaries have helped me take a more rational view of what I am eating every day, how I am fueling my body, and reminding me that busy DC people are making healthy choices every day, including a NP DC co-founder. The variety is vast, but what it boils down to every time is that we all can make good choices for ourselves, and those choices won’t look the same for everyone.

3. The Eighty Twenty. This site can be all over the board at times, and I still don’t get exactly what their mission is as a site… BUT I really enjoy following it because the women writing the site are honest, can be quite insightful, and embrace topics that are pertinent even if they really run the gamut. And pieces from Fran keep me coming back.

4. Sweat Once A Day. Sweaty Emily’s blog may not have the world’s best navigation, but dang, is she inspiring. An IronMan (IronWoman?), ultrarunner, and brewery social media maven. Color me impressed… then she ran a 100-miler through mountains this month. Just… what. Amazing. And her vibe is still totally normal. Baller.

5. Well and Good. Be warned: you will find ten new fitness and health trends that you just need to try every time you visit. Usually, they are very much outside my budget. A fun, aspirational read. See also: Q by Equinox, Bonberi.

6. New York Times’ Well blog. Obviously, this is the NYT, so things are going to be smart, interesting, intriguing, and sometimes weird. I love encountering topics I would never have even considered, the science, the research, and the quality. I never click off articles because they are rehashing stuff you see on fitness sites every day, which happens to me on basically every other site or blog.

7. Greatist. Comprehensive, open-minded, good infographics, easy to consume, simply done, accessible. Greatist is great for everyone, I think, because it has everything from tips for starting to work out to tips for athletes to stay sane during injury and snacks, workouts, and product recommendations. I am constantly clicking their links and finding great take-aways.

These are basically all the fitness things I consume, so please recommend more! They’re all I want to read and listen to all the time these days.


3 thoughts on “November Project + 7 favorite online fitness finds

  1. I don’t have additional recs, but Greatist and Fitness Behavior totally helped me bounce back from my dental work-related running/solid-food hiatus this summer. (Also, Greatist’s food tips are the best about non-meat high protein options, which is a huge bonus, given my unintentional 95%-vegetarian diet.)

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