crazy goals are us

On Sunday, we got home from a wonderful, exhausting weekend in Madison, our college town. I basically looked like this the whole time:IMG_5602

So happy to be back in our college town. Grinning all weekend. We drove up with our friends Jess and Roland after flying into Chicago and met up with our recently relocated-to-Madison friend Peter:


You would not know he had been out of town for two years because he knows everyone. Everyone. The above is a car at a light that he ran out to greet. I don’t even know how someone would meet as many people as he seems to be tight friends with. Amazing.

In true Madison fashion, we ate all the fried dairy and carby options, drank a lot of beer, and caught a few shows, including The War on Drugs — always great.


On Sunday night, while I was still in a travel stupor, my parents asked my siblings and I if we wanted to do a family half marathon. Inexplicably, we all agreed. I have a feeling you will be seeing a lot more about that process over the next few months.

Important to know: I am the only one of us who has done a long race, and they didn’t go particularly well. And there are a few conditions and bum feet among us that you might think prevent people from distance running. But… who knows.

Even though I ran two halfs this spring, I was quite slow and don’t feel like I had really trained properly. I am committed to doing better this time around. Is it because I don’t want to be stood up by four first-time runners when I’m supposed to be the old hand? Maybe… But it also provides a great opportunity to dig back into goal-oriented exercise and a good kick in the pants to get my act together after a decadent summer.

So here we go!


So to really get started, I cobbled together a few different training plans to be the official family schedule. You can download them here. They aren’t designed well at all because, let’s be honest, not my forte, but they should be usable when we get started in a couple weeks!

You can download them here from Dropbox or at these WordPress storage locations: family half training and wednesday work outs.

Is your family this crazy?! Or just us?


2 thoughts on “crazy goals are us

  1. Since my family lives out of state, I’ve managed to avoid all the running they’ve done together. 😀 😀 😀 Also, love that your friend is friendly! That’s always been a goal of mine: to get better at meeting people and knowing people around my area! I think I tend to be just a litttttle bit too into my own world most of the time…

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