Seed distribution. We all learned about it. And now my favorite dog ever has put it into practice.


When I was home a month ago, I could not figure out why there were tomatoes growing in my parent’s front yard and in their front flower bed. There was some drama last summer because my mom discovered the hard way that Stella really enjoys snacking on ripe tomatoes directly from the vine. The race to the tomato was basically futile — Stella would make a beeline for the good ones at the moment they were perfectly ripe. So this year, the answer to the problem was a raised bed on legs high enough to keep Stella away from the goods.


Luckily for Stella, her efforts eating the tomatoes and …distributing… seeds had paid off. And so my parents decided to let her plants flourish and grow in the front of the house. As you can see from these photos, she has taken the care of her plants very, very seriously. Thankfully, she has left the rest of the plants alone this year.


This funny, charming dog. Such tender care of her tomatoes. She never bothers them until they are ripe. We’ll see where the plants appear next year.


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