7 takes from the last 7 days

I started writing this post on my birthday eve as a little birthday preview. And now it is a week later, so we’re just going to work from scratch.

Here are seven things that happened in the seven days since I began trying to write this post.

1. Karaoke with many wonderful friends.




2.  Hiking at Manassas in 100 degree weather. We followed it up with some well-deserved cheese burgers and Wisconsin style custard.

3. A gorgeous birthday evening.


4. Bought some handweights. Nothing says “super fit” like some 7lb dumbbells. I think I also need some three-pounders…


5. A major change in direction at work that has made for exciting, adrenaline-pumping long days and not a lot of use of my running shoes or handweights since Wednesday, though I’ve been wearing this sweet bracelet my sister sent me for my birthday from My Saint My Hero — I’ve been eyeing her St. Benedict’s blessing necklace for a while…


6. Tina Fey’s Bad Seed

Nothing like a comedian telling stories about that special breed: the sociopathic toddler.

7. Watching the new best-worst show on television: UTOPIA. Put a bunch of crazy people on a few acres of land and film it. This show does not seem to have any actual goals, which is awesome. Just a group of insane people fighting each other and drinking wine on national television. And it is supposed to go on for a year. Yes. Yes.

Crazies gonna crazy. I just have to keep reminding myself that these are the kind of people that go, yeah, you know what, I think I could definitely start a society. Totally equipped for that.

They could definitely have used this:


But luckily it is mine. My brother knows me so well. Love a project.


2 thoughts on “7 takes from the last 7 days

  1. So many awesome things in this post!! Karaoke, hiking in Manassas (I miss Virginia!!!!) and now you’re brewing your own beer?? Nice!

    I’m so glad you commented so I could find your blog, Brigid! 🙂

    p.s. I use 2-lb. weights. How pathetic is that? So at least you’re doing better than me!

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