“that’s a framer”

I’m an adult with a pretty good grasp of functioning in the world. I meal plan and make lists for the grocery store, don’t mess up the laundry, manage my schedule, and show up to work on time. I’ve even kept some plants alive, though the ficus needs to be repotted and the basil split into two containers.


But we have absolutely no photographs displayed in the apartment. This is a digital generation problem if there ever was one. I’m not sure where to get well-designed frames or how to order photographs when basically all my photos are Instagrams. I have a number of photos from my college love affair with disposable cameras, but those don’t really need to be displayed with honor, though it would be fun to let some of them see the light of day.


What I would really would like is to get some of the “framers” that I have saved to my computer displayed in the physical world — on top of the bookshelf or the mantel, tucked into the open cabinet in the corner, etc.

Help. What have been your best resources for getting the photos you love off the cloud and onto the walls?



4 thoughts on ““that’s a framer”

  1. Aw, you DEFINITELY need to print some out!! Obviously as a photographer, I’m totally biased, but having actual prints around the house is just such a special thing. And it’s really easy to do, too! The frames don’t actually need to be super complicated. Go to either Michaels or Bed, Bath, & Beyond (don’t forget to grab a 20% off coupon, if you go there, ha! I always forget and kick myself) and just buy something simple – preferably with a matte (aka: the stiff – usually white – border on the inside of the frame. It helps set the photograph off nicely and makes the overall frame look way more professional). If you want to save money, you can always go to goodwill and find some frames there. I’ve found REALLY nice frames for a couple of bucks at my local goodwill. Next, you need to find a printing company. Be SURE that any prints you get are archival – there’s nothing worse than going to the trouble of printing out a photo, only to have it come out a wonky color or fade a few months later. Avoid ordering from places like Walgreens, Snapfish, or Shutterfly: they do a notoriously bad job. Try Nations Photo Lab, Smugmug, or AdoramaPix. Be SURE to submit your photo in the proper resolution/size and don’t be afraid to call them up for specific directions or contact them if the photos didn’t turn out right. 🙂 Finally, hang up your photos and enjoy!!! xox – giedre

    1. Giedre — thank you!! I need to dig up originals so I’m not trying to print instagram photos, and this is so, so helpful for determining my next moves. Archival prints up next.

      1. No problem! Also, if you do decide to print Instagram photos, there’s actually some really great companies out there who print smaller, square photos. The resolution won’t be amazing, but it’s still fun to have those memories to hold on to in physical form. 🙂

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