I have a crazy spider bite on my hip. Craaazy. Just getting that out there first because it is so itchy and distracting me. (It’s way better than it was a few days ago. Those photos are embargoed, but my mom would probably text them to you.)

I would say that Whole30 and I were an unmitigated failure and/or a match made in hell. I made some great food during my limited run there, including this delightful quiche with a sweet potato crust. But honestly, I just did not hack it.


A big part of that is that it is exhausting to start a new job, and I really kind of forgot about that.

I’m also turning 25 in ten days, and beginning my new year. The beginning of the school year feels more appropriate for resolutions, and with the alignment of my birthday, it seems like the perfect time to reevaluate and plan for how to learn and grow in the next year of my life.

1. Taking better care of my body.

I’ve actually been pretty good at this already-standing resolution for 2014 so far, but I have been letting my routine get off track easily. See above: Whole30.

I need to work on building habits that don’t get derailed, and I also need to get back to yoga regularly. If I can build a good routine around being active and eating nourishing food (sorry peanut butter M&Ms), I think I can spend my quarter life marker becoming my healthiest self. But, as we all know, health is more than physical health, so….

2. Taking better care of my mind.

I need to turn off the TV and spend time with the activities I know refresh my mental circuits — reading, running outside, going to bed early, and the aforementioned yoga classed that I have been skipping.

3. Taking better care of others.


Being generous with my time, being open to what the people in my life need, being hospitable. I love my friends and spending time together (see photo: roof brunch A+), but I also tend to keep a scorecard. I want to work on thinking in terms of relationships being an exchange or having expectations from people, but just being able to give myself honestly to others and accept people for who they are and what they bring to my life.

4. Taking better care of my soul.


My prayer life is not very consistent, even though it is important to me. Like resolution #1, this is a part of my life where I’ve been growing over the last year, but I need to continue to build something better for my day-to-day life.

These are vague, but all link together closely, so if anyone has advice on how they have built up good habits or taken on these challenges in their own lives, I would so love to hear what kind of advice is out there for actually making these improvements happen for me.

PS THIS IS A THING. Thank you, Wisconsin.



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