moving right along: seven good songs

Slamming another post in here to act like I didn’t get all feelingsy in the last one. No religion or current events here, either. Just nonsense and YouTube. Mooooving right along.

Here are some good songs. These have nothing to do with each other except for me liking them! High quality blahhging happening right here, people.

1. “Soon Or Never” – Punch Brothers

This is actually a GREAT song.

2. “Problem” – Ariana Grande

Is it just me or does she always look terrified?

3. “Come See About Me” – The Supremes

4. “Tupelo Honey” – Van Morrison

Now with inspiring landscape images.

5. “Introduction” – Onra

6. “Sara” – Chad VanGaalen

7. “Hello” – Martin Solveig and Dragonette

Am I a crazy person? Possible, but I did warn about the incoherency of this post. No apologies.


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